In order for the company to be successful, it is not only important to find qualified and quality workers, but the goal is also to retain such workers

This is not easy for many companies. After investing in a worker and providing him with adequate training, it happens that the worker quits his job and leaves, taking his valuable knowledge with him. Quality and qualified workers are difficult to find, especially when it comes to highly specialized experts. How to stop it?

Anyone who feels a special bond with their employer is ready to work better, has better ideas that improve the company and is more enterprising. It is certainly the dream of every employer. Strategic employee loyalty leads employees to identify with their company.

The most difficult thing is to find the quality and qualified employees you need. When it comes to long-term employment, it is certainly not easy. How to hire qualified employees and where can you find great potential?

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The first question that everyone asks themselves when looking for a job is: What can my company do for me? Many will think that salary is the key when choosing a job. This is not always the case when choosing a workplace. Image and working environment are very important. The question is what sets your company apart from others? New employment will be successful if expectations can be met on both sides.

Can’t find suitable employees and are wasting valuable time with poor-quality resumes? Chances are you’re looking in the wrong places. Listings on stock exchanges are not a bad idea in principle, but if you are looking for specific skills or innovative ideas, you should leave the tried and tested paths.

Instead of passively waiting, commit to actively searching. In addition to business social networks, hire an agency to find you a quality and suitable employee. On the other hand, you can put yourself in the spotlight as a company and thus attract the attention of interesting people. A database of industry applicants can also be useful if you are looking for something specific. Career fairs and job exchanges are also popular when searching for candidates. When finding quality and qualified workers, you should definitely have good communication with the human resources department, because they know what is really important. Suitable candidates are most attracted to a good working atmosphere, followed by responsible tasks and the opportunity to achieve their goals. If you enable them already in the trial period, the relationship between you and the employee can turn into the long-term relationship you desire.

Branding yourself as an employer is key. If you have a good image, you become more attractive to potential employees and it is easier for you to reach them than your competition.

In order to increase the attractiveness of your company, it is important that the existing employees are satisfied and that they consider your company to be the best. The question here is what makes the company the best and most sought-after employer? What can the company do for its employee so that he is satisfied? Of course, the regularity and amount of salary is certainly one of the most important things. But is it the most important? Every employee expects the employer to provide him with a balance between work and private life. Also, if you are able, provide flexible working hours. It is also important to enable independent work, praise when they have done something well, and equality among employees.

When a new employee arrives, welcome him. Be transparent and give him feedback regularly. Assign a buddy to each new employee who will help him as he settles into the job, and will give you feedback on the new employee.

Be sure to use half-yearly or annual questionnaires with employees about leadership and satisfaction with the company. Show that their opinion is important to you. Offer them the opportunity to say what they are not happy with and what they think could be changed or improved. With this approach, you create a transparent culture in the organization itself and provide the possibility of regular information and the creation of a good working atmosphere. All this gives you a positive image as an employer. Motivated and happy employees who love their company use their talent for you in the long term.

If you notice an increased fluctuation in a short time, it is time to act. High turnover is very harmful for any employer. In addition to the fact that our employees go to the competition and thus create a negative image of us, their relationships with themselves and their knowledge, which we greatly need. The financial aspect as well as the time needed to find a new employee should be emphasized.

In addition to the already mentioned incentives for employee satisfaction and retention, there are other means for increasing employee satisfaction. This can include meal vouchers, working from home, holiday allowances, and a bonus for the birth of a child. If you have a corporation that provides a discount on its products, offer them to the workers. In today’s age of modern technology, which we need every day, provide your employees with adequate and appropriate equipment. When giving rewards or benefits, pay attention to which employee you are giving which reward.

For every decision you make to keep your employees, be patient and most importantly, be consistent. The goal is to keep the best workers who suit you. You know best which worker profiles you need. Workers who are experts in their field, who have extensive work experience, and good education, and specialists whose field is rare and in demand. Don’t forget that you also need young talents. They may not have work experience, but they bring freshness to your team. Invest in young talents, because if they are satisfied, they will be with you long-term, which is your goal.

Remember, satisfied and dedicated employees who are emotionally attached to their company are more dedicated to their work, they contribute to the positive image of the company. Clients notice their satisfaction in work, which greatly improves the image of the company itself. Any investment in an employee is a good investment that will pay off in the future.