Ten scientifically proven ways to motivate employees

What every potential employee should have

You hired excellent people, now you have to make an effort to keep them with you

Money and benefits are very important, but according to the latest research, they are not at the top of the motivation list. At the top of the list is motivation from colleagues (20%), followed by feelings of encouragement and recognition of quality work (13%) from the employer.

We bring you the key items that you must stick to in order to keep your employees motivated, whether you want them to stay with you permanently or to come back to you next season. Top 10 ways to motivate employees:

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1. Make your employees feel comfortable at work

Nobody likes to spend several hours in a dirty and boring environment. Work will be much more pleasant if the environment is finely decorated, functional, and fun. First, you need to make sure that the equipment is not outdated, that it is in good condition, and that it works. They should get rid of all the prehistoric things that ruin the overall impression, for example, an old huge computer with an outdated POS system. Also, it is important that everything is clean and tidy. Maintaining a space does not have to be expensive. For decoration, consult an architect or interior designer and invest money in interesting furniture. All these little things will help the staff feel more comfortable (and therefore the guests will be more comfortable as well).

2. Be respectful, honest, and supportive of your staff

It may sound crazy, but bad managers are the main reason why workers leave coffee shops. The foundation of a good relationship is honesty, support, respect, and clear communication. There is much more you can do to be a good leader and mentor. If you are new to this business, it wouldn’t hurt to read a couple of books on management. Good management, like everything else, requires knowledge and experience. To get started, order a couple of books online or visit the management section of the POS Sector blog. In short: a person who is good to work for will also have loyal employees.

3. Reward your employees

Workers will stay with you if they have a reason. If you want to keep and motivate good workers, create an incentive program for employees. For example, a bonus every 3 months. Or maybe to introduce bonuses on a percentage of the sales. Or maybe to go to the amount of the bill. After all, you can share the profits with your staff. If employees know that they will be rewarded, they will perform their work better and will stay working for you.

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4. Leave them room for improvement

If your business is booming, you need to give them room for improvement and it will return to you many times over. Of course, it is important to them how much they will earn, but it is even more important to them that you trust them and that you respect them. If you are opening a restaurant in a new location, consider appointing one of your employees as a manager. If one of the employees is good with inventory, appoint him as head of procurement. When you give them the opportunity to progress, their side job turns into a career.

5. Share positive impressions

It’s a good feeling when your work fulfills you. In fact, it is the key to being satisfied at work. Satisfaction at work can come in various ways, from a well-made cup of coffee to removing a tree that was spoiling the appearance of the building. If your guests express their gratitude, share it with your staff. The easiest way to do this is with online reviews. Many restaurateurs read positive comments from Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks to their employees. If your employees know that they have made someone’s day better, they will also feel better and will therefore be committed to work.

6. Be transparent

Employees will be more involved in the work if you give them insight into the business. Share this information with them regularly. Fortunately, in the POS Sector, this is a very easy job. With POS Sector, you can have insight into daily, weekly, and monthly sales. If employees have insight into this data, they will not only feel important in this business but will also try to fix things that are not going well.

7. Give them flexible shifts

Technology has significantly changed the way of doing business. If employees can check their email on a mobile phone or finish part of their work at home on a laptop, then they expect their shifts to be as flexible. In the Forbes survey, 46% of respondents answered that flexibility is an important factor when choosing a job. But employees also listen to their workers: 86% of the companies included in Forbes’ 2014 Best Companies list offered flexible working hours. If you want to progress and attract talented employees, offer them the option of working from home or flexible working hours.

8. Offer them good hot meals

Good food is the basis of a good working environment. Nobody likes to work hungry. It’s easy to make people happy, just offer them good food. But in addition to good food, they must also be satisfied with their work in order to be completely happy. According to a survey by Seamless, 57% of employees said that good food at work helps them feel valued and appreciated. It makes sense because if your boss takes care of your physical needs then you get the feeling that he sees you as a person and not a working machine. In the same survey, 38% of them stated that they would rate their company as a “desirable place to work” if they had good food at work. Good food at work will not only retain old employees but also attract new talent. If you have a restaurant, this is an even easier task for you, and your employees will be the most honest critics of new dishes.

9. Recognize their successes

Sometimes people just want to be recognized for doing something well. If an employee works hard on some things or has helped a colleague in some way, make an effort to praise them. It is not only important that you recognize these things, but it is a principle: If people feel that you notice their efforts, then they will continue to work hard. Employees whose efforts were recognized and rewarded stated that they enjoyed their work more. But if they feel that they have wasted their effort, then they probably won’t even bother next time. You must show gratitude to your staff, whether you emphasize their merits in meetings, or praise them via a business email or in person.

Having a good long-term employee is a great advantage. The key to a successful business is motivation, especially in difficult times. Long-term employees know a lot about business and create a positive work environment.

10. Ask them what they want

Instead of guessing what’s important to them, sit down and talk to them. Sounds funny right? But unexpected moves like this can improve your relationship with your employees and improve your company’s overall performance.