Top ELEVEN ways to earn extra money

Top ELEVEN ways to earn extra money

Passive income is often hailed as a strategic way to accumulate extra earning money with little work

With a passive income stream, you can make money over time.

Passive income is often hailed as a strategic way to accumulate extra earning money with little work. With a passive income stream, you can earn money over time, and here are some ideas to get you started.

Passive income, by definition, means you earn by doing nothing or doing very little. As a business model, it is mostly self-sustaining and often involves some kind of initial investment, which will create a long-term stable profit.

You are paid with active income for the work you continuously perform. Most side jobs are considered active income. With passive income, you do the work first and then collect the money as time goes by – with no additional effort required. Earning extra income through passive income can be a tempting idea, but it is important to note that it may take some time until you start to see the first, concrete results.

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How to start passive income?

When people talk about “making money while you sleep”, they mean passive income. Otherwise, something like that should be achieved through financial investments. But these days, many creatives start a passive income stream by creating a digital product that you can sell over and over again. Depending on the passive income stream you decide on, there may be things you can do to increase your extra income.

For example, some people who sell digital products will use different marketing strategies to allow more people to discover their products, leading to more sales in a shorter period of time. Others may expand the scope of their passive income business with new products that enhance their initial offering to win back an established network of clients.

Financial investments

Financial investments include a variety of options, such as investing in stocks, crypto-currencies, and mutual funds; and require less follow-up work while collecting interest. Work with a financial advisor to discover the best investment opportunities.

Owning land for rent

Rental income can be a steady way to earn extra cash, but whether you offer long-term or short-term rental services, this passive income source comes with all the necessary property maintenance.


You can sell your own designs on shirts, hats, mugs, posters, and other products, without the need for unnecessary inventory, if you open a shop that makes to-order. All you need is to find a supplier you can rely on.


If you have a wealth of knowledge or an idea for an interesting story, you can write a book and sell it online. Many people choose to use services that allow you to turn your words into an e-book or print edition and sell them on, for example, Amazon.

Production and sale of worksheets

There are several places where you can upload and sell worksheets online. This usually works by creating a printable and uploading it to a website where people can pay to download and use your creation.

Sale of templates

If you enjoy creating digital organizational systems in programs such as MS Excel, you may be able to sell your templates. Many people monetize their creations.

Content creation

If making videos is something that fulfills you, you can earn money by uploading your creations to YouTube and setting up your account for monetization through the YouTube Partner Program. There’s no limit to the types of videos you can make—informational, short films, original music—but there are many requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program, including a minimum number of views and followers.

Creating an online course

Somewhere between writing a book, selling worksheets and templates, and creating content, you may decide to put all your resources into creating an online course. Many people create their content with platforms like Thinkific or Teachable and then host their courses on their own websites.

Selling photos

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, you can sell your original photos as images for websites.

Create an application

You can passively monetize your creative skills as a developer by creating a mobile application and selling it on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an area of ​​digital marketing where a person promotes products and receives a portion of the sales made through their unique connections. Many bloggers combine search engine optimization techniques with their affiliate marketing strategy to increase their income.